It’s been…a minute!

Hello, hi, it’s Bruna! I want to apologize for not having been posting on here since last summer. Things have been very hectic for me since then, even on the music side of things. I’m in school still, although in quarantine, but that’s been keeping me very busy during this whole time I’ve been away. I have still been writing for Highlight — I do not only write album reviews like the ones I have posted but I also attend concerts for them and review those as well. Busy busy! Not to mention that I now also intern at a local music magazine back where my university is located.

The good thing is this is all keeping me busy and distracted while the pandemic is going on. I’m not feeling as overwhelmed with it as I would otherwise if it weren’t for school and writing for the magazines.

ANYWAYS! I want to make myself be even more busy because I’m crazy like that. Therefore, I will be trying to post on here more. I’m not sure how frequent that will be, but this blog has been on my mind every single day for the past several months. The fact that I have neglected to use it pains me if I’m being completely honest.

So, for now, I will leave you with a picture below of me meeting Echosmith (whom I got to interview for Highlight, and you can check it out here) once again a couple months back when my roommate from this school year took me as her plus 1 to their radio show. Shoutout roommie!

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