Waterparks in-store performance

On Sunday, April 16 the Texas-based trio named Waterparks performed a short acoustic set after their new album release of ‘Intellectual Property.’ Following their set was a meet and greet where the band took photos with everyone in attendance. Overall it was an amazing afternoon of good music, good vibes and good people.

The three members performed from the second story of the record store with fans on the first floor looking up. They performed a few of their singles including “Funeral Grey” and ended their set with “Closer,” a personal favorite of mine since listening to the album in full. Along with song performances, there were also conversations between frontman Awsten Knight and some fans in the crowd. Knight is hilarious, that’s all I have to say about that.

The meet and greet, at least for me, was so amazing and memorable. This was my fourth time meeting Waterparks (but fifth time meeting Knight). I approached each one of them, giving them hugs. Knight gave me about five hugs, though! Then I told them that I have been a fan since 2016 when they went on their first tour opening for Never Shout Never — I fell in love with their music and I’ve never looked back. The singer asked me, “What’s your name?” and I told him my name and he went, “I’m Awsten, nice to meet you. But you look familiar, I recognize you!” I was shook and so excited about this.

That Sunday was very special to probably not only me but to many fans. Waterparks’ new record ‘Intellectual Property’ is very unique and wonderfully put together. If you haven’t given it a listen to it yet, you can do so here on Spotify.

Below is my M&G picture with Waterparks and a few videos I took from their set.

Waterparks getting “on stage”
Poor crying baby 😦
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