March 2023 Music Picks

Hello! It has been a very long time since I’ve done one of these, my apologies. It’s something I think about doing every month, then somehow I don’t, and I’m sorry. But let’s get straight to it, this one’s not very long. I’ve got four songs for you all to check out if you haven’t yet that I listened to on repeat last month.

“BRAINWASHED” by Waterparks: This is Waterparks’ fifth single for their upcoming album ‘Intellectual Property’ that is set to be released this month, April 14 — it’s coming up so soon, I am so excited! My guess is that this is the song on the new record that would be considered their cute love song (think “Fruit Roll Ups” off ‘Greatest Hits’ by them). It’s an adorable acoustic tune with, yes, horny lyrics: ‘Everything’s clean except for my thoughts, I’m thinking about me getting you off.’ Although more acoustic, it’s still an upbeat song that’ll make you want to dance to and maybe even think of someone. Get those dirty thoughts away from here, though (haha)!

“Say It (To My Face)” by Meet Me @ The Altar: A friend of mine had extra tickets to Meet Me @ The Altar’s show, so I ended up going. Before this, I already knew one of their songs really well called “Garden” because it gets played at the Emo Nite I attend every month. So, I already knew of their band and had an idea of their sound from listening to them here and there. My friend wanted me to record “Say It (To My Face)” for her, so I studied the song so that I wouldn’t miss it during the band’s set. I ended up really liking it, and it turned out that that was the band’s opening song that night. I completely loved it. Just check it out.

“Forever Yours” by Grayscale: I simply just love this song so much even though it’s very sad. It’s in my sad pop punk playlist if you haven’t checked it out yet. Although quite devastating, it’s a beautifully written song. The way Grayscale goes on to tell the story of the song’s characters from beginning to end is descriptive and really draws you in. This storytelling song will leave you feeling a sort of way. The acoustic track gives off a heavy-like feel with its guitar chords and frontman Collin Walsh’s strong, emotional vocals, which makes this a perfect all-around sad song to get into your feels.

“4 EVER 4 ME” by Demi Lovato: Yes, Demi Lovato. But think about it, their latest record, ‘HOLY FVCK,’ is more of a rock album, so I will talk about this. To put it simply, it makes me want to fall in love. Lovato, at her show I went to last year, mentioned this tune is her’s and her boyfriend’s, Jutes (also a musician), song. It’s a slower track off the album, but the lyrics are very genuine, thoughtful and loving. They do a wonderful job at portraying her love toward Jutes, and it sounds very special. If the song turns out to not be your thing, that’s OK, too! It’s not for everyone, but there’s a reason why I’ve listened to it so much last month.

You can check out these songs along with my past music picks below. Happy listening!

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