My Favorite 2020 Album Releases (So Far)

We’re nearing the end of April and, going back to my last post, I have not posted about any new music. What! But here I am now to talk about my favorite albums that have been released in 2020 so far. These next three albums I will mention I will be biased about, but honesty will still be present. So here we go!

The first album I want to mention is Halsey’s ‘Manic’ that was released on January 17. I remember when the album came out — I was sitting at my desk in the living room of my dorm on my laptop tuning in to Spotify. I clicked play and the video intro, “Halsey Presents Manic,” for the album began. “Ashley,” the first track off the record, started with a mystic-like sound and I remember getting chills. Listening to the album in its entirety I was crying. My roommate was in the room with me and she had asked if I was okay. I was beyond okay. Listening to it was a wonderful adventure. Going on a journey for the first time on this 16-track album with Halsey, one of my favorite singers, was a ride I will never forget.

A couple months later and March 6 rolled around. Lauv’s ‘~how i’m feeling~’ came out. There were many singles off the album already out ahead of its release, but the album itself has 21 songs! I will be honest and say that when it comes to variety in style, it gets a bit repetitive, but not in an annoying way. The songs sound similar to one another yet different especially with each of their stories and emotions and feelings, hence the album title. The record speaks feelings of love, mental health, and in the song “Modern Lonliness,” well, basically what the title says. ‘~how i’m feeling~’ portrays real feelings real people have, therefore making it relatable. It’s catchy yet it also makes you think and reflect. Also, I got to do an album review for this for Highlight that you can check out here.

Let’s talk about ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’ by you know who. If you know, you know. On April 3 one of the greatest alternative rock bands (in my personal opinion) All Time Low released this record. I’m not entirely sure on what I should say about this album on how it is, but I can talk a little about how it made me feel. When I listened to the album from start to finish I felt excitement and energetic for the most part. I was filled with happiness to hear a new full length album from All Time Low. Now I’ll just wait until they announce a tour and hope they come nearby so I can go.

Of course there have been other releases both albums and singles that I have enjoyed, but I wanted to only talk about these three because, as you can see, this post is long enough. If you have not checked any of these albums out, do so because you are definitely missing out. Until next time!

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