June Music Picks

This past month has been crazy with college finals, moving out of my dorm, then being on vacation (FINALLY). But thankfully, I have had music by my side all this time. New music has come out recently as well, and of course that always gets me excited and actually motivates me to get stuff done when I am listening to the new songs. Maybe that is because it is new and fun and makes me want to move around. Who actually knows! With all the songs that have been on repeat this month, four of them definitely stood out, and I hope you will want to check them out after you are done reading this if you have not yet listened to these songs.

Quite recently, Sleeping With Sirens came out with a new single. The single, titled “Leave It All Behind,” is heavier than their most recent music, such as their album ‘Gossip.’ SWS (Sleeping With Sirens) has a new album coming out September 6 named ‘How It Feels To Be Lost.’ Jack Fowler, member of SWS, tweeted someone back in regards to the sound of the new music with, “…heavier and better than ever.” For sure I have been obsessed with this song, not only because this band is one of my top favorites, but also because it is a heavier song. But if you are not into heavy, screaming music, then I do not recommend this one.

Sometimes we have that one person we begin to deeply fall for. I went to a The 1975 concert kind of recenlty, and some songs just happened to become my favorites again. “Fallingforyou” is one of those songs. Its sound is very soothing and can just make you want to sway from side to side, gently. This song is one I was relating to a while back, but only for a while. “I don’t wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck.” Those are definitely lyrics that are very relatable not only to me, but to others as well. This is for sure a song you can also relax to.

Let’s get away from the alternative world for a bit, shall we? Not too long ago, about maybe a month ago, I was introduced to a song that I can relate to on so many levels. The song is “Be Ok” by Party Favor featuring EZI. The lyrics, “This town makes me feel out of place,” hits me so hard. I mostly grew up in this very small town where I felt as though I never really fit in. Most of the lyrics in general throughout the song, although repetitive, are ones I can relate to. I will not tell you what genre this song is, I will just let you listen to it yourself below.

I will make this one short. “Nightmare” by Halsey. A song that is catchy in a darker way gets your fired up to “rock out” to. Definitely this song’s sound is different than her previous work – it is heavier, you could say. Halsey stands up for herself in this song. Although different than her previous stuff like already mentioned, this is also a fantastic song.

Make sure to check out the above songs down below along with previous monthly music picks. Leave a comment below as well and let me know what you think of these songs. Happy listening!

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