LANY Show – Best Concert Yet?

A few days ago I got to experience one of the best concerts I have been to in quite a while. It was lively. It was magical. It was unimaginable. A friend of mine (and a friend of hers) joined me at the concert in Spokane, Washington. The opener, Sasha Sloan, got the crowd hyped for LANY. Their set then started with a countdown of a minute and a half, and once they came out and began their set, I got so excited.


If you are a LANY fan, you know that their music is more mellow. However, their performance was not as mellow as one would think it would be. Here are examples with “4EVER!” and “Made In Hollywood”:

“Made In Hollywood”

If I had to complain about the show, it would only be one thing. There was this very tall man kind of in front of me, so every video and picture I took – which was not a lot because I do not do that much at shows anymore – his head was in it. But I could still see, so that was good.

I do have a favorite part of the concert. At least most LANY fans know that during the show, the lead singer, Paul Jason Klein, goes into the middle of the crowd. Well here is what happened: He went to the side of the crowd where I was at. For some reason I reached out and accidentally touched his arm. The best part yet was when he was in the crowd. This is because I made my way to the small pit with the crowd and jumped with him! Unfortunately, I was next to the photographer, so if the picture gets posted, I will not be seen. The experience is what matters, though.

At the end of the show, there was an encore with the last song being ILYSB.

I do not usually lose my voice anymore at shows, maybe because I am so used to yelling out the words, but I did lose it this time. There was a lot of jumping and moving around to the music. Definitely one of my most favorite shows. I will never forget this concert.

ILYSB- Encore
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