May Music Picks

I am back with my monthly music picks (let’s see how long this lasts again, oops)! I am excited to share the following songs because especially one of them is very personal to me. It has been a few months since I have done these, and I do apologize, it has just been super crazy lately with writing up album reviews for Highlight Magazine which you can check them out here. Anyways, I have done this month’s picks post a little bit differently. I have listed them at the beginning of paragraphs, that way it is easier for you to see the song and artist. Only four songs were chosen this time, but I will try my best to remember to post this month’s later on! Enjoy!

“okay” by LANY (feat. Julia Michaels) – This song is really about wondering if you are going to be okay, because that is what you are telling yourself. You are hurting, but you knew this feeling was coming. This song, which was released very recently, is catchy but with lower sounding notes to go along with the sadder lyrics.

“Smother Me” by The Used – Let me be the one who calls you “baby” all the time.. The first lyrics of this song. The music is very soothing, it can almost put you to sleep, but not in a “this song is boring” kind of way. The lyrics are soft and comforting in a way, too. You want to be with someone (so bad) in a nice way. This is a good song if you are very into someone.

“Sincerity Is Scary” by The 1975 – Just the way the music beings is so good. It is soft and easy with a slower beat that is more mysterious at the same time- what will come next? A song of postmodernity, Matty Healy, lead singer of the band, wonders why people can’t just be frineds without hating each other, as he sings. The song in general gives off a nice, easy-going vibe, but the lyrics to it are deeper than the vibe of the music itself. Take a close listen to the lyrics.

“yea, babe, no way” by LANY – Another LANY song, yes. But this song is kind of special to me. I used to listen to it during a breakup I went through. I would think about the other breakups I have gone through a bit because this breakup just remeinded me of the other ones. The one I was going though was from 2018, but the others were from previous years, yet now in 2019 I still think about them (I’m over them, don’t worry!). What I really like about this song is that it has a more upbeat tempo which made “getting over” the breakup somewhat easier. Overall, it is an amazing song. I could go on longer about the lyrics too, but I will just let you listen to it instead.

You can listen to this month’s picked songs below along with previous monthly music picks. Happy listening!

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