Never Shout Never Ends..

ICYMI, the band Never Shout Never who Christofer Drew started as a solo project has come to an end. The day before Christmas Eve, Drew tweeted the following:

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 1.16.05 PM

A few days later he confirmed that after the Brazil and Mexico Never Shout Never tour the band will be done.

Many are very upset over this. People who used to be fans are reminiscing over the times when they would listen to the band’s music and attend their shows. Others who are still fans expressed how much they do not want the band to end. Never Shout Never has helped so many people, including me. Here is my story…

It was the end of 2009 and I was at a friend’s house listening to music on YouTube. My friend decided to show me a song that she said reminded her of me because it was “cute” with a sound I would enjoy, so she went here. “Trouble” by Never Shout Never began to play. I fell in love with not only the song, but also Drew’s voice. I asked her to show me more of their songs. That is when my love for the band was established.

I remember the band as NeverShoutNever!, and now as a three word band name, I am still a fan. I have seen the band live about eight times, met Christofer Drew three times, and met the band as a whole two times.

The second time I saw them live my life changed. I was in a very dark place with negative thoughts running through my head with horrible plans. Then Drew started talking about life and how beautiful it is and how we should live in the now and enjoy the moment. Suddenly somehow it changed my thinking and I thought to myself, “I will give this, life, another try.” Years later, I got my second tattoo with the band’s symbol and the date of the concert underneath (see picture below).

Writing this is a challenge as I try not to cry (again) over the band’s breakup. Just one more thing: I would like to thank the band as a whole for being there during my dark times and helping me get through life. It is amazing how music can change one’s life, thoughts, etc.

If there is an artist or band that has helped you during your difficult times, leave a comment. I love hearing about music’s impact on others. Much love.


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