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  • What’s happening here?

    Hi, everyone! If you’ve tried accessing this blog recently, you would have noticed that you can’t. I’m revamping the blog, it’s almost done and I can’t wait for you all to see what I’ve been up to with it. I want you all to be able to access the site, though, so here we are. […]

  • Happy Birthday, PJK

    Today is LANY’s frontman Paul Jason Klein’s birthday! As a talented musician, PJK has conquered our hearts with romantic lyrics in previous albums and has had us feel heartache with him through Malibu Nights. He’s taken us on mutliple journeys through several songs. And not to mention given fans incredible concert experiences. In June of […]

  • The 1975 One Year Ago

    A year ago today I saw The 1975 for the second time! The 1975 “fallingforyou” live I gave in and made a tiktok account and already posted twice. Both my uploads are The 1975 related but I wanted to share my second one of the show. Watch by clicking the link above!

  • 6 Years – “Robbers” video

    The 1975’s “Robbers” music video came out six years ago today! So to celebrate, why not watch it below? “Babe, you look so cool.”

  • My Favorite 2020 Album Releases (So Far)

    We’re nearing the end of April and, going back to my last post, I have not posted about any new music. What! But here I am now to talk about my favorite albums that have been released in 2020 so far. These next three albums I will mention I will be biased about, but honesty […]

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